2 generations


Sam Slack

The owner Sam Slack was born and raised in the Danville, Alamo area and has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry. Starting in construction at the young age of 17, and spending the next 15 years honing his skills and becoming a journeymen carpenter, and in charge of some of the first large home construction projects in Blackhawk, Ca. At 32, Sam saw an opportunity to bring his skills into the stone industry. His previous skills in the construction industry has been a complement to CMS and the hundreds of clients over the past 30 plus years and is still going strong.

Trevor Slack

Sam’s son Trevor was born when Sam started CMS. Trevor was there as a child at the beginning, and now a grown adult and working full time alongside his father. For the last 8 years, Sam has been training his son to become the second generation to take over and run the business when Sam decides to retire. When it’s time, Trevor will be ready.

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